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Revlon 3 in 1 Nutri Color Creme 713 Havana 100ml

If you want to maintain your rich beautiful hair colour, this is the product for you.
A refresh mask that revives colour and treats your hair to a boost of shine and hydration.Works in just 3 minutes.
3-in-1 Cocktail, colour, softness and shine for chemically treated hair.
Key Benefits.
Contains Ionic pigments that works in just 3 minutes. Its immediate action brightens, revives, accelerates and corrects tones. a very nourishing treatment enriched with cosmetic agents and AHA fruit acids.

How to use.
250ml for 10-15 minutes. Ready yo use.
Wear gloves if you apply dark or intense colour tones.
Apply to washed and towel dried hair. Spread product by working it through the hair with a comb.
Timing 3 minutes. Rinse until water runs clear.

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