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Lisap Splasher Permanent Hair Colour Green 60ml

Create almost any colour effect you want with ease. SPLASHER permanent hair colour.
Intensify or adjust any colour
Make strong long lasting colour effects.
Revive faded colours.
Remove unwanted tones and colour overlaying.

RED Punk red, ideal for enriching other colour shades
ORANGE For correcting tones when de-colouring and for bright fashion highlights.
YELLOW Yellow-gold for warmth & to correct flat cooler tones.
GREEN Moss green undertones, ideal for toning down warm colours and for strong avante garde highlights.
BLUE Deep Blue colour that enhances darker shades & for highlighting effects.
VIOLET Cool Violet, neutralises yellow tones and creates fashionable pearly cool undertones.

Create Strong Colour Highlights. (for best results first decolour or adjust to the levels suggested below).
Splasher Blue & Violet, lighten to level 10-11
Splasher Yellow & Green, lighten to level 8-9
Splasher Red & Orange, lighten to level 5-7
Mix Splasher colour 1 to 1 with Splasher activator process for 20-30 mins.

Long Lasting Coloured Highlights Made Easy. (as a quick way to achieve long lasting bright highlights on 80-100% decoloured hair).
1. Apply your chosen Splasher shade without Splasher Activator.
2. Leave on and dry the hair.
3. Then apply Splasher mixed 1 to 1 with Splasher Activator and process for 20-30 minutes.
After processing, first use fast flowing cold water to rinse off, taking care to avoid seepage of the Splasher result onto untreated hair. Then use After colour shampoo.

Revive Faded Colour
Mix Splasher 1 to 1 with Splasher Activator. Apply the mixture quickly and process until the desired result has been achieved then rinse off.

Intensify Or Adjust Any Brand Of Permanent Colour.
Add 1ml to 20ml of Splasher to any permanent colour to create your unique colour result or to colour compensate. Use your usual choice of developer strength and dilute according to the amount of permanent colour used without taking into account the addition of Splasher.

Create A Colour Overlay & To Remove or Equalise any Unwanted Colour Tones.
Add 1 to 20g of Splasher to the chosen shade for LIGHTER colours 2-3ml, for DARKER shades 1-20ml

Neutralise Unwanted Colours.
For example orange or yellow bleach results apply Splasher without Activator then rinse gently with warm water. Dry the hair and then proceed with your choice of permanrent colour.

GREEN & BLUE neutralise red and orange
BLUE & VIOLET neutralise yellow

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